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How Do I Start Over?

We’ve been getting this question since version 1. That’s why we created the Cycles module, here is how it works:

A cycle is nothing but a range of dates for a specific program. for example: P90X Classic from January 1st to March 2nd.

  • It doesn’t have to cover the whole program
  • You can set the start and end dates that you want.
  • When you set a cycle as active, your records will be filtered to display only the ones within that date range.

Having said that, if you want to “start over”, all you need to do is create a new cycle, set the starting date as today and make it active, that will only show what you do from now on. So, ┬áif you want to go back and see what you did before, you can change the dates in the cycle or you can mark it as inactive in the edit screen.