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Fit XT CSV Import

We have introduced the ability to import CSV files, here we describe the expected format.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. A CSV file is a plain text file that contains columns separated by commas and every new line corresponds to a row.

Every file defines one and only one Exercise Program. For every Program you must define Days, Exercise Groups and Exercises in that order. The number of columns varies depending according to the rules defined below.


A line that starts with #, is considered a comment and hence ignored. Exaple:

#,"This is a comment line, it starts with #, and the rest is ignored"

Exercise Program

There can only be one per file


PROGRAM, Name, Notes


"PROGRAM","90 day Classic","Program Notes"


There can be multiple in the file. Order of appearance is important


DAY,Exercise Group Name1, Exercise Group Name 2,…



Exercise Groups

There can be multiple in the file. Order of appearance is important


GROUP, Group Name, Group Notes,Exercise Name1, Exercise Name 2,…


"GROUP","Chest","Sample Import Group","Push-ups","Pull-ups","Curls"
"GROUP","Abs",,"Uphill Bicycle","Crunches"


There can be multiple in the file. Order of appearance is important


EXERCISE, Exercise Name, Exercise Notes,Exercise Type (C=Cardio,R=Reps,RW=Reps and Weight,T=Count down timer,SW=Stop Watch), Duration, Youtube video Id, Youtube video duration, Youtube video start time


"EXERCISE","Uphill Bicycle",,"R","0",,"0","0"



Here is an example by Vasco B. Download

New Feature: Set App Folder

Some users have reported the need to change the app’s base folder either to optimize their storage space or to link it to a backup folder such as Drop box.

Please note that this is an advanced feature and it will require for you to have a File Manager to physically move the folder.


This procedure will set the path for new images and backups to be stored in. It will update the paths in your records but it won’t move the files or folders.

Tap on menu (top-left)



Tap on app folder


You’ll see this screen: note that in this case the folder is in the internal sd drive sdcard0, also note that the current folder already has some subfolders


Navigate to the new location and tap on menu to Create a new base folder



Confirm the creation

Select this newly-created folder and tap confirm. Note that I’m moving my files to an external sd: sdcard1

You’ll see a confirmation message, indicating that the change was successful and that you can now move the files to the new locationdevice-2014-05-30-121830

Exit the app and go to your favorite File Manager app and move the files to the new path.



If you go to Photo Journal and see this screendevice-2014-05-30-125212

It means that  you didn’t move the files to the right location. If you want to know where the file location is supposed to be. tap on menu and edit. You’ll see a message like:



Filtering Records

We created a quick how-to on filtering your records:


I’m Getting a New Phone. How Can I Transfer My Data

Option 1:

If you have the same gmail account in both phones: Go to backup, tap on backup on the old phone, wait a few seconds and then on the new phone: go to back up and then hit the Restore button.

Option 2:

You have multiple backups in your sd card: Copy the folder named: 90Droid from the old phone to the new one. Then go to the Back up screen and tap Restore from SD.

90Droid v7.9 Released

This is a HUGE release for 90Droid

YouTube videos of your workouts:

Now you can link your exercises to videos in YouTube!

If you see the YouTube icon above, simply tap on it and you will watch it right there:

Credit to Laura London

YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK6mKUEY09o

Her Page: http://www.lauralondonfitness.com

New cleaner more modern interface:

If you have android 3.0 or Higher, you’ll see the new cleaner interface

Import from 90Droid Free button:

If you have the free version and want to upgrade, simply have them both installed and go to the premium version > Backup/Restore and hit the “Import from 90Droidfree”. That’s it, when you see the success message you are ready to use the premium version.

New Exercise Type: Timer

This is a count timer, when you star it you’ll hear a beep

Shows in yellow and beeps a warning sound when you get to 10 seconds

You’ll get a different beep when you are done


As an Example we have shared the Laura London Standing up Abs one week program that uses this timers

Quick sorting of Days:

It is now very easy to change the order of your days, simply drag and drop in the new interface:

Go to the Programs Editor and select “Quick Sort” from the menu

Then just drag an drop the list from the handle. Once you are done hit Save.

90Droid v7.2 Released

The most requested feature by power users:  Sorting of the days in a program definition. Here is how:

Go to Programs

Tap on the menu icon right the  (editable) Program. If not editable, hit menu and clone, that will give you a new program that you can modify

Once on the Edit screen tap the menu button at the bottom left of the screen and select More

Then select Quick-sort days:

Once there sort the days by pulling the days up or down by the handles on the left side:

Once you are happy with the results, hit save:

And the changes are displayed as you are taken back to the edit screen

Please keep in mind that this is still under construction but it is working very well so far. Please let us know of any comments you might have .

Happy new year’s everybody

Team 90Droid