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Fit XT

Previously Extreme Fitness Tracker or 90Droid

Extreme Fitness Tracker (Previously  90Droid)  is developed by P90X Grads. It is constantly being updated to accommodate community request. Our goal is to make a product that you can use throughout your workout.

  • Easy to use: the interface must be intuitive
  • Streamline your exercise: you shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out how it works
  • Smart: so it shows you the information that you need when you need it.

The application is available in both:

Go to 90Droid.com

Disclaimer: Extreme Fitness Tracker (90Droid) is not sponsored, supported or developed by Beachbody, they are the only proprietors of P90X. Buy the product it’s pretty awesome: www.beachbody.com/P90X