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90Droid v7.9 Released

This is a HUGE release for 90Droid

YouTube videos of your workouts:

Now you can link your exercises to videos in YouTube!

If you see the YouTube icon above, simply tap on it and you will watch it right there:

Credit to Laura London

YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK6mKUEY09o

Her Page: http://www.lauralondonfitness.com

New cleaner more modern interface:

If you have android 3.0 or Higher, you’ll see the new cleaner interface

Import from 90Droid Free button:

If you have the free version and want to upgrade, simply have them both installed and go to the premium version > Backup/Restore and hit the “Import from 90Droidfree”. That’s it, when you see the success message you are ready to use the premium version.

New Exercise Type: Timer

This is a count timer, when you star it you’ll hear a beep

Shows in yellow and beeps a warning sound when you get to 10 seconds

You’ll get a different beep when you are done


As an Example we have shared the Laura London Standing up Abs one week program that uses this timers

Quick sorting of Days:

It is now very easy to change the order of your days, simply drag and drop in the new interface:

Go to the Programs Editor and select “Quick Sort” from the menu

Then just drag an drop the list from the handle. Once you are done hit Save.